32 non-perishable foods to always have in your pantry


Non-perishable foods are staple foods that will keep for years and sometimes longer. Make sure you always have some in your pantry!

No one likes to reach for a food item in the pantry only to find that the box of cake mix has expired or the kids’ favorite snack is past its expiration date. Some items just don’t seem to keep as long as we’d like. However, many foods have a very long shelf life and are essential to fill your pantry. Here is a list of foods to always have on hand, for everyday cooking, but also for times when you simply can’t leave the house!

Here are pantry staples that can last a long time, if stored properly. However, we recommend that you keep them as much as possible in airtight containers.

Make sure you also know the foods to always have in reserve in your kitchen.

Storage method: Store bouillon cubes in a dark pantry.

They can be dissolved in water to make your favorite soup or added to sauces to enhance flavor.

Bouillon cubes should be consumed in moderation! They are among the  foods in the supermarket that are unhealthy.

Canned fruits, vegetables and beans are non-perishable foods to always have in your pantry.SARAPULSAR38/GETTY IMAGES

Preservation method: keep them in the pantry. Canned goods can last a while past their best before dates, but will taste better if eaten before then. If you find a box of fruit, forgotten in the back of the pantry, a few months out of date, it is still safe to eat. You can eat the fruit or add it to one of those recipes that use canned fruit.

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Cornstarch is one of the non-perishable foods to always have in your pantry.SHUTTERSTOCK/ MICHELLE LEE PHOTOGRAPHY

Shelf life: indefinite.

Storage method:  store cornstarch in its original container, in a cool, dark place away from moisture. Cornstarch begins to dissolve as soon as it comes into contact with water. But as long as it stays dry, it can last forever. So stock up on this natural thickening agent!

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Dark chocolate is one of the non-perishable foods to always have in your pantry.JIRKAEJC/GETTY IMAGES.

Storage method:  store dark chocolate in its original packaging (or well wrapped once opened) at room temperature.

Of all the varieties of chocolate, dark chocolate keeps the longest. However, lovers of milk chocolate or white chocolate should eat it during the year.

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Dried beans, lentils and legumes are among the non-perishable foods to always have in your pantry.AAMULYA/GETTY IMAGES

Storage Method: Dried beans and lentils can be stored in the pantry in sealed containers.

Over time, dried legumes can become even drier, so if you use them after their best before date, cooking might take a little longer. Cooking in a pressure cooker, however, should not take long.

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