Budget Meal Ideas


Starter, main course, dessert… there are savings to be made at each meal!

The family and daily meal usually revolves around a main course and a dessert . So it’s up to you to balance the whole thing. If you choose a soup, opt for a rice pudding for dessert. Conversely, if you have cooked a simple shepherd’s pie, a yogurt or seasonal fruit compote will be more appropriate.


Vegetable pumpkin cream Fresh and made with seasonal vegetables, the soups are ground or cut according to your preferences. Make it festive by decorating it with small pasta, fried croutons , small sautéed bacon bits or slices of chorizo ​​and why not a poached egg to make it a complete dish. Another advantage is that they heat up easily so do not hesitate to prepare them in quantity and keep them in the refrigerator for quick consumption or in the freezer.

The flourings

Breton shortbread biscuits Whether based on pizza dough or shortcrust pastry depending on the budget, quiches , pies and pies of all kinds alone represent a complete meal and allow for all fantasies. From quiche Lorraine to pizza, flamenküche or a simple tomato pie, everything is possible. In the same vein, also think of pancakes . Garnished with scrambled eggs and a seasonal vegetable, they will also be a meal in their own right.

Minced meats and minced meat

Stuffed zucchiniMinced beef, minced pork and veal or stew or stew meats, generally inexpensive, these meats are the basis of many delicious and family dishes. They are found in stuffed vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes and peppers, in moussaka, lasagna bolognese , chili con carne , minced shepherd’s pie .

Stews and poached

Flemish carbonadesIn casseroles or tajines, simmered dishes are made with second and third category meats. Inexpensive and tasty, they require long cooking, do not hesitate to cook them in larger quantities and freeze half of them. The same goes for poached chicken such as poule-au-pot , pot-au-feu or shank , but this time you don’t have to freeze any of it. Use the meat in another way. Your pot-au-feu just like the shank can also be served in a vinaigrette with new potatoes and onions.

Rice, pasta and semolina

Tagliatelle with asparagus tipsIn the spirit of risotto , paella or tabbouleh . Choose the base, fresh pasta or not, risotto rice or simple long grain rice, spicy or plain semolina and add the ingredients of your choice. Again, your imagination will do the rest! Fresh pasta and a few slices of smoked salmon, a little cream, fresh herbs or curry rice pilaf , corn, diced apples and a few slices of chorizo. The range is wide and adapts to all budgets


Scrambled eggsOmelettes , scrambled eggs, frittata to garnish with sautéed vegetables depending on the season (mushrooms, potatoes, zucchini, peppers). But also soft-boiled eggs with breadcrumbs at will or eggs casserole with garnish of your choice (tomato concassee and chorizo ​​or bacon and chives). Simple dishes to vary at will!


Baked PotatoIf there is one inexpensive vegetable that can be cooked in dozens of different ways, it is the potato. A fresh purée can be declined according to your tastes, with confit garlic and parsley , with the addition of carrots and cumin or in watercress to accompany meat or fish. Or maybe you prefer sautéed raw potatoes, Sarladaise style, or good large baked apples, plain or with poached eggs, Toupinel style, not to mention the tartiflette…


Gratin Many products can be cooked au gratin. Vegetables like Flemish chicory , zucchini, cauliflower, Swiss chard and many others like potatoes. Who has never fallen for a delicious gratin dauphinois ? The fish also supports the gratin but preferably without cheese.

Prepared salads

Mixed salad A nice salad as a base and it’s up to you to invent the rest! As a result, it will be what you put in it. In the eco version, you can add a few slices of potatoes sautéed in goose fat, chicken livers, gizzards , bacon bits or even a few slices of Morteau sausage, croutons, corn, beans or small tomatoes. The choice is great.

Desserts and snacks

PancakesThink of fresh or stewed seasonal fruits. The fruit is simple, full of vitamins, tasty and even cooked in compote it will require little preparation time. Milkshakes also have their place. A little milk, a banana and a little vanilla ice cream , a blender or mixer and you’re done. Then come the creams , flans and mousses to flavor according to your desires as well as rice pudding and semolina cakes which can also be an excellent snack. Other simple, inexpensive snacks that do not require sophisticated equipment, pancakes, crepes and the inevitable French toast… to try it is to adopt it !

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