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If you are planning a wedding in the next few months and want to optimize your budget, this article is just for you! It is not necessary to spend millions to have a pretty decoration, nor to have a superpower. Even if you’re not comfortable with crafts, you can find a simple, yet truly impressive solution. So, without further ado, we present to you a list of creative ideas and useful tips that will help you create a country wedding urn. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a romantic, easy-to-make DIY.

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Do-it-yourself country wedding urnhow to make a wedding card boxView in gallery

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Every wedding needs a card box! And if you want a unique piece, you have to show your creativity by creating it yourself. With these small country wedding urn ideas you will undoubtedly have a special and personalized decorative element that perfectly matches the theme of your party. In the following paragraphs you will find 20 inspiring photos and tutorials that will help you realize your ideas.

Whether it’s baskets or bins, it’s another fun way to bring some creative energy to your big day.Wooden country wedding urnrustic wedding gift boxView in gallery

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Turn an ordinary wooden storage box into a country wedding urn that will match any wedding theme. The advantage of having a wooden box as a base is that the only design limit is your creativity.

Wooden country wedding urnView in galleryIf you want to get distressed wood, but can’t bother painting the box, you can wrap it in a sheet of wood plank wallpaper.Bird cage country wedding urnDo-it-yourself country wedding urnView in gallery

This wedding card box idea may be simple, but it looks so classy and elegant. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is a repurposed birdcage.

It is very versatile and you can decorate it to match your wedding theme. The best thing about this card holder is that you don’t need to cut any holes or slots to get the cards through.

 The spaces between the cage bars should be sufficient to accommodate standard size to turn a birdcage into a wedding card box View in gallery Decorate it by sticking on fresh or artificial flowers, lace or another fabric used in the rest of your decoration.

In this case, you can replace the glue with string that you will tie around the bars.Suitcase country wedding urn Suitcase country wedding urn View in gallery

If you have an open mind and love to travel, you’ll love this idea! Store a few old suitcases to create an Instagram-worthy wedding card holder .

 This one is sure to be a topic of conversation among your guests even after the wedding.decoration for wedding in vintage style or on a travel theme View in gallery This amazing wedding urn idea will work perfectly with vintage , Victorian, or travel-inspired weddings. In addition, the suitcases are so beautiful that they can tell stories without any additional decorations.

 You can just indicate your initials or the date of the wedding using a white card. In craft stores you will also find wooden letters and numbers. So, no need to worry about the creative element.Chic and romantic country wedding urndo-it-your self country wedding decoration View in gallery Take a look around your house to see if you have any old boxes.

 If you manage to find one, the next step is to customize your design. Once you have the final design in mind, you’ll probably want to paint your box in white acrylic paint. This neutral paint is ideal because it gives you the opportunity to decorate your urn with the main colors of the wedding theme. You can replace the paint with wallpaper as shown in the photo below.

DIY wish box for romantic wedding View in gallery For the decoration of this urn, you can use the technique of decoupage with napkins. Simple, easy and quick to make, this craft is ideal even for beginners.

You will need:Napkins with a favorite designA wide brush to apply the glue Decoupage glue Precision hobby knife for cutting a hole on the lid of the box

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