Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Discusses How the Guidelines of the UEP Certified Program Were Established


UEP Certified is an important science-based animal welfare program for cage and cage-free egg production in the United States. Its standards are even endorsed by the Food Marketing Institute and the National Council of Chain Restaurants.  UEP and US based egg farmers like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania diligently work together with the aim of advancing the standards for egg safety and hen well-being, while simultaneously producing a nutritious and affordable supply of eggs.

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Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania briefly marks how UEP Certified program guidelines were established

Most egg farmers do care sincerely about the welfare of their hens. They understand that sub-standard husbandry practices shall ultimately result in lesser eggs and higher mortality rates.  to question whether or not there is a need for an independent review of the industry production practices. UEP went on to establish a mission to achieve an independent assessment of U.S. egg farming, which included:

  • A scientific approach to animal welfare guidelines
  • Guidelines that are driven by the industry instead of any kind of government mandates or legislation
  • Guidelines that create a level playing field for both egg farmers and our customers

The process for this review began with assembling a committee comprising of scientists, academics, humane association executives, and of government officials. While changes have been made in the makeup of the committee over the years, they have always remained engaged with UEP and provided them with continuous recommendations. This committee not only reviewed all available peer-reviewed scientific literature, but also visited many breeder companies, egg farms, and equipment manufacturers. They took all egg production systems into consideration. As about 95% of U.S. egg-production was in conventional cage systems, developing recommendations related to it was a logical starting point to ensure the welfare of eggs.

In the fall of 2000, the committee presented its recommendations for major animal husbandry changes.  These recommendations were approved by the UEP’s Board of Directors, and they went on to embark upon a plan to put those guidelines into an industry program that can be implemented by egg farmers voluntarily. UEP presented its science-based guidelines to the Food Marketing Institute and the National Council of Chain Restaurants and managed to receive their endorsement. UEP ultimately launched the UEP Certified program in April 2002.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is among the numerous UEP certified egg farms in the United States. They support the notion of national standards recently proposed by UEP and HSUS. All the employees of Hillandale Farms receive on-going Animal Welfare training, view UEP Animal Care Video at hire, and then annually. This company aims at providing fresh, delicious, high quality, and affordable eggs to the local communities in a sustainable manner. Hillandale Farms raises more than 20 million chickens for eggs and is one of the top 5 egg producers in the country.

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