Build Meaningful Connections on Instagram with Auto Messages: Streamline Your Outreach with Automation Tools


What exactly are Instagram Auto messages?

Build Meaningful Connections on Instagram

Instagram Auto Messages are nothing but When consumers message you on Instagram, an automatic answer is delivered to them. Welcome and away messages are two of the most typical auto responses used by organizations to improve the experience of their consumers.

Customers anticipate faster reaction times on applications like Instagram than they do on traditional message channels like email. However, businesses are not always able to reply swiftly owing to a lack of employees, restricted operating hours, and other factors.

To address this, businesses may establish automatic away messages with specifics about when clients can anticipate a response from them or other ways to contact them if there is an urgent issue.

If a consumer contacts you for the first time, automated welcome messages can help your company establish a good first impression by responding quickly and courteously.

Businesses may make the most of a welcome message by including a pre-chat survey to collect consumer information and query specifics so that agents can comprehend the scenario before chatting with them.

Now that you understand the foundations, let’s have a look at the many ways you may configure Instagram automation tools.

How to Enable Instagram Auto Reply

Businesses may utilise one of three strategies to ensure that consumers who contact them on Instagram receive timely answers.

These are some examples:

Meta Business Suite Instagram App Direct Message Inbox Omnichannel Messaging inbox

We’ll go over the functions of each option and how to set them up so you can start utilising Instagram auto respond right away in the next section.

How do I send Instagram messages automatically?

Users are becoming increasingly demanding of business availability. They anticipate receiving a response in less than 5 minutes. Various methods are available to address this desire for immediacy, but automation will be the most effective. Automate your DMs and capture every consumer that searches for your stuff.

How helpful are Instagram’s automated posts?

In terms of introducing new beneficial features to each new update, Instagram is one of the most active social networks. The most recent upgrades included:

Turning off the like count for photos and videos.

To respond to a communication with a photo or video (in addition to direct messages in text format).

  • Stickers.
  • Web access to Instagram direct messages.
  • New forms of advertising.
  • Mode for a dark screen.

Because Facebook and Instagram unified their messaging applications in November 2020, the Instagram development team is listening to consumers. To avoid losing economic chances, your customer support personnel must be present on the ground and respond to inquiries.

How do I send Instagram messages automatically?

Instagram supports two kinds of direct automated messaging: auto-replies and away messages. Let’s start by looking at how to send an auto-reply to your followers in order to start a dialogue without keeping them waiting.

To set up your answers, you must first convert to Instagram’s Business edition (if you haven’t already). Click on the profile icon to do so (bottom right, featuring your profile picture). Then, in the top right of your profile, select the Settings icon. Now, select Account. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select Switch to Professional Account. You have another choice if you wish to keep your user account secret. Instead, select Add a new business account.

How can I send an Instagram auto-reply?

This feature allows you to send an auto-reply to a user’s initial Instagram message. Without your action, the receiver will receive an automated response within a second. So, here’s how to send an Instagram auto-message:

  • Open your Facebook Business page, then choose Business Suite.
  • Click “Inbox,” then Auto-Reply.
  • Now, select Instant Reply, and then, at the bottom, select Edit Message.
  • Check the Instagram box (and/or Messenger, as needed), and then write in the desired auto-message.
  • Finally, press the Save button.

That’s all! As you’ll have seen, setting up an autoresponder on Instagram doesn’t require you to program it or use code.

How do you send an Instagram auto-message indicating your absence?

You may use this tool to send an out-of-office message to followers who contact you outside of work hours. You may also use this message to inform your followers that you are available by phone or email. This is how you do it:

  • On Facebook Business Suite, repeat the preceding steps. Click “Inbox,” then Auto-Reply.
  • Choose Out of Office this time.
  • Fill in the blanks with your out-of-office message.
  • Finally, you must select the calendar on which the absence message will be effective.

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