Master Your Dribble: Three Essential Basketball Dribbling Drills


Dribbling is the key to soccer and basketball. If you do not know how to dribble, you certainly miss the real beauty of the game played on the court. In several advertisements, you can see how basketball dribbles are used to explain the level of skills of a pro or a trainee. Therefore, a trainee opting to be a professional any day should be able to dribble to assist and make the score to earn points.

How can you be a master of dribble?

The fact that you know how to dribble a basketball depends on the size and weight of the basketball, and how you can hold on to it. You need to practice resistance drills for basketball dribbling drills. There are many dribbling skills that a player can learn and eventually modify or evolve, but a few of those skills get into history forever, as they have the potential to change the trajectory of the game. You need to dribble from one side to the other and pass or shoot the ball yourself to score a point. It means, if you are a good shooter, you still need to know the basic art of dribbling.

Dribbling puts a load on the waist, and in terms of playing defensive, your leg muscles need to be stronger. You need to go through better lower body and ankle training, which will help you jump higher to beat all the obstacles and score.

Drills to Maximize Strength, Power, and Control

You can take the basketball shooting machines to practice the best shooting drills for basketball, which include drill training for dribbling. Your practice should include dribbling for shooting. The steps you can take are as follows –

Dribble Drive Drill

  1. Use three cones about 25 to 30 feet away from a drill-practicing unit, in a formation of 10:12 and 2 O’clock relation.
  2. You can start dribbling and accelerate out and back in a left-to-right and right-to-left formation around the three cones. It would be something like out to cone 1 and back, out to cone 2 and back, and the same for cone three in 1 set.
  3. Dribble backward
  4. Continue again

The trainer will look at your speed. You can end the dribble sets by scoring into the net, and try again with the rebounded ball from the basketball machine.

Lateral Dribble drill

This drill focuses on the quad, glut, and calf drive muscles for acceleration. Your ankle bands simultaneously work on the abductor and abductor muscle groups. This process will improve lateral deceleration and change the direction of speed. Here the beginner will face waist-loading difficulty, the intermediate will face ankle-loading difficulty, and an advanced trainee will face ankle and waist-loading difficulty.

  1. Use a single cone 25 to 30 feet away from your practicing area
  2. Connect resistance bands and try to dribble out laterally to the cone and back
  3. Perform 2 to 3 sets driving away from the platform to the left, and detach the bands. Then reattach them again to move 2 to 3 sets away to the right in a similar manner.

The trainer will check whether the athlete can maintain his or her center of gravity and not waste more energy without reason. Here again, the session can end with basketball shooting drills with the machine.

Defending the dribble

Try back-paddling while defending the dribble. The steps for individual shooting drills in basketball would require moving forward and backward in a faster motion that would help the player rule across the court.

The trainer needs to check the body balance while the trainee maintains the maximum speed possible while making forward and backward movements. Keeping hips low would help maintain the balance. Making things better through the best basketball shooting drills can make a trainee a pro.


Regarding considering the best shooting drill for basketball, you need to know how to deal with the dribbling to score in a game. Once the practice session is complete, the gaming process would become easier even for school and college basketball players. Mastering the dribbling skill is polishing and perfecting the basketball skill to make a challenging game only beautiful.

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